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Fats Domino Rhythm and Blues

Collector Edition shown unframed
Collector Edition shown unframed

Product Description

Each Personally Hand-Signed by
The Legendary Fats Domino!


                            fats-rb-signing-150dpi2-2-.png                 michael-fats-smaller.jpg    

A Tribute to Rock and Roll's Royalty.
The One and Only Fats Domino!

Hand-Signed by The Fat Man Himself!

Words and photos do not do justice to the beautiful colors and glistening gold jacket depicted on what many are calling “The most elegant concert poster ever created”. Each fine art poster has been personally hand signed by the legendary Fats Domino making this the ultimate music collectible.

Collectors Edition
Limited to ONLY 1,000 worldwide! Each, hand-signed by the one and only Fats Domino! Individually numbered and hand-signed by the artist. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included. 

Size Unframed: 18” x 28”


Artist Proof Edition
Limited to ONLY 100 worldwide! Each, hand-signed by the one and only Fats Domino! Indicidually numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Fats was known for his elaborately jeweled rings worn on both hands. Individual rhinestones have been applied to Fats' hands to recreate his signature look. Two golden music lines with diamon rhinestones have been added to both sides of The Fat Man's piano making the Artist Proofs very special. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included.

We urge you to take advantage of the Pink Caddy Frame for your Artist Proof. Priced at ONLY $250, it is a must have to display your autographed print.

Framing Styles

Pink Caddy Style
Own Fats Personal Frame and His 1959 Cadillac!

When Fats made his first money he went out and bought a bright pink 1959 Cadillac. He then had it customized with baby blue wings and gold plated hubcaps! Artist Michael Hunt did a small watercolor of the car and displayed it within the frame of the "One Night Only" poster as a gift to Fats. That frame now hangs in Fats' home. Many friends of Fats asked us to frame their print the same way that we made copies of the 59 Caddy watercolor painting to acccomidate them. Now YOU can have your print framed exactly the same way!

The frame consists of a double mat of piano black museum white surrounded by a 2" solid wood satin black frame. Displayed within the matting is a watercolor reproduction of Fats' personal 59 Caddy making this framing style truly a work of art.





Pink Caddy Frame

(Includes watercolor art displayed in mat)
Size Framed: 24 5/8” x 35 1/2”




Traditional Style Frame
A double mat of piano black and museum white are surrounded by a 2" solid wood satin black frame.






Deluxe Framing Style

Watercolor art is not included
(choose either gold or satin black frame)
Size Framed: 22" x 32”