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We consider our frames to be works of art. We use only acid free, museum quality mats and solid wood molding. Our professional framers cut and assemble each frame by hand at our state-of-the-art facility. To us it’s not just a frame, it’s Michael’s reputation.
We ship Michael’s art to collectors throughout the world, much of it framed. Due to the volume of framing materials we purchase, suppliers aggressively compete for our business. This translates into substantial savings for you. So much so, even the discount craft stores find it difficult to compete with our pricing and our quality is second to none.
You would be shocked to learn how many frame shops call us looking to replace one of Michael’s prints they damaged while framing it for a customer. Many times the print has sold out and we are unable to help them. Damaging anything a customer entrusts to us is unacceptable. We treat everything as if it was irreplaceable.
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