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Few artists can say a shopping basket took their art all the way to the White House and the Vatican but Michael Hunt is anything but typical. While still a student at LSU, he created a work of art featuring “Mike the Tiger”. He wheeled a shopping basket around campus before and after football games, selling posters of the design for $5. To this day, that poster remains one of the most popular collegiate posters ever created.
His ever-changing style has earned him mass appeal and collectors numbering in the hundreds of thousands but finding his art in a gallery would be exceedingly rare. “My work is not represented by any gallery. In fact, I have probably done the exact opposite of what any art critic, gallery or museum curator would tell you is necessary to have an art career. I create for people, not museums and my experience has been that people are the hardest critics of all”.
For more than two decades Michael has continued to create some of the worlds most unique and collectible limited editions. For many, his work is the first piece of art they have ever owned. “To create something appealing to a person who has never owned art is the greatest satisfaction”.
Many of Michael’s posters and fine art prints have special editions autographed by entertainers, actors and professional athletes. By combining the worlds of celebrity and art, money and awareness is given to a variety of worthwhile causes. Over the years, his work has generated hundreds of thousands in charitable contributions.
It is impossible to categorize Michael or his art. One day he is creating a line of t-shirts and the next he is in front of 70,000 people presenting a portrait to the Pope. Nola Fine Art is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Michael’s work and just like his art this site is ever changing. Join our mailing list and be one of the first to see what he’s been up to. Chances are it will be unlike anything you could of imagined.

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